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  • Welcome Autumn

    As Autumn approaches I always find it is a good time to take stock and look back at the summer - this year we did actually have a summer so I'm finding it a good time to be thankful for the wonderful weather we had.

    Welcome Autumn

    I know it was silly-hot at times, but just to be able to wear one layer of clothing, eat outside every evening and most mornings too, to be able to plan outdoor events and not worry about it raining which is what we usually have to put up with, has been such a pleasure.

    If it wants to be as lovely in summer 2019, then that's fine by me! 

    I also find that this is a good time of year to look back over the year so far and look at what goals I have achieved, or not. It's been a strange year in many ways and as usual, time has flown by and I can't believe that it is September (nearly October now!) and I have my Christmas products delivered already and all my fairs booked in. (They will appear on the website soon!)

    I'm looking forward to the festive season as I love it so much, but having someone new in my life means that I can enjoy it so much more. Being single is tough at Christmas as life is generally geared to couples and families and I find it's the only time that I mourn the fact that I never had children (not a choice btw). But this year will be different and I can enjoy Christmas markets and generally be festive without being the lonely singleton.

    But first, the pleasure of autumn and the colder days and evenings in front of the log burner, wine and good food. My new man is a wiz in the kitchen and cooks the most amazing food, which as my family and friends are well aware, is most definitely the way to my heart! I'm looking forward to slow cooked meals and long evenings chatting over wine. Chatting isn't a chore either.....!

    I've been adding lost of new ideas to my Pinterest boards for Autumn, Winter and of course, Christmas, you can find them here.

    Long walks and snuggling with my kittens Bailey and Teasel is on the list of things to do to relax this autumn as is trying new restaurants I've wanted to eat in for ages. Just enjoying a drink in the pub by the fire will be something I can enjoy!

    What's on your list of things to do this autumn? Let me know in the comments.

    Rachel x


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  • Vintage Style Kitchen Ideas

    I'm currently house-hunting and have already seen about 15 houses, none of which have made me feel at home - yet!

    Vintage Style Kitchen Ideas by Tiddler & Fox

    It's always the same, you know as soon as you walk through the front door that you've found the one. 

    But I'm happy to keep looking and of course, I'm happily thinking about all the decorating I'll be doing and new furniture I'm hoping to find. It will all come from a flea market or auction of course!

    I don't think I will be able to find the stunning character cottage that I'm looking for just yet - budget won't stretch to that for now but I'm hoping to find a house that still has a soul and that will look ok full of rustic pieces and all the second hand and vintage stuff that I'm amassing.

    And I'm hoping for a kitchen that will allow me to go the whole hog in terms of cottage/rustic style. I currently rent so my interior design aspirations have been somewhat curtailed for the past few years but watch out new house wherever you are, you will be getting the full treatment!

    Over the past few years I've completely fallen in love with rustic and vintage style and the kitchen will likely be the first area to be changed. Naturally I've been filling my Pinterest account with kitchen ideas first and finding other images of things I love, like this dresser.

    Not just the colour (which is stunning isn't it?!) but the idea of the open shelving to display china and vintage pieces and the traditional cottage look too.  I know I'd be happy with something like this in my home. 

    Blue welsh dresser, country cottage kitchen

    I love open shelving, the idea of being able to see easily where everything is and not having to delve into cupboards all the time.

    My current kitchen is a bit cramped in terms of storage so I'm looking forward to having something like this:

    Rustic Kitchen Shelving

    Plus all that lovely vintage ironstone too of course....

    I've got my eye on a large cupboard I've spotted (I'm not telling where!) but it would give me the option to do something like this:

    Rustic Kitchen Storage

    Which is just stunning, plus it's practical, plus it would make me super organised. For once. 

    I'm feeling drawn to a romantic looking kitchen if I can get it but as I said, that may have to wait for a while but something like this would make me very happy!


    Romantic Country Cottage Kitchen

    Not sure I can afford the French Chateau just yet but I can dream.

    A more achievable aim would be a cosy corner for dining, something along the lines of this pretty kitchen diner:

    Rustic Kitchen Diner, Country Cottage Look

    Good lighting, comfy seating, a great practical eating area, what do you think?

    Next up, the living room!

    Tell me what you think of these ideas and how you've achieved the vintage look in your own kitchen.

    Until next time x


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  • Easter Decor & Baking Ideas

    With Easter only a few weeks away and now the snow has gone, I'm starting to not only look forward to warmer days and fresh new green growth, but to think about the Easter break and how I can bring a nice fresh feel to the house and add pretty decor to celebrate. 

    Easter Decor & Baking Ideas by Tiddler & Fox

    I'll definitely be adding lots of spring blooms, narcissi and tulips being two favourites that add a really bright splash of colour but I do love buying British flowers and daffodils and narcissi are perfect for this time of year and is an inexpensive way to say 'hello spring'. Add a gorgeous vintage jug or planter and it can be as simple as that.

    If you want to go a bit further for Easter day, what about some of these lovely ideas for decorating the table:

    Easter table decorating

     Love these pretty pink t-light holders!

    Spring decor for the home

    All pink - a lovely idea to theme your table settings this Easter. Table decor doesn't have to be boring or all white, you can have fun experimenting with different themes and colours.

    I love that candles can still play a part in spring decorating, especially when they have a fresh scent such as the Bay & Rosemary scented t-lights by St Eval. Find them here.

    Vintage style table setting

    A great way to style flowers by using a stunning garden urn - you can find similar here. Fill this with oasis and your floral display will last for a couple of weeks.

    So your decor this Easter doesn't have to be all about eggs!

    But, speaking of eggs, there are lots of baking ideas on my Pinterest board, pretty cakes and biscuits that, although they might be beyond my abilities as a baker, they could be just the thing to add a really special touch to Easter, just look at how pretty cakes can be!

    Easter Baking Ideas

    Maybe with a bit of practice! But I do love a cupcake and will have a go at something more simple perhaps with some good old Mini Eggs on top! I might be able to pull this off:

    Mini Egg Cupcakes

    Hopefully my nephews will love them!

    Wishing you a happy Easter.

    Until next time x

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  • I recently created a Pinterest board titled 'Rustic Christmas' and it has had a lot of re-pins so I must be onto something here with my rustic ideas of how you can decorate for Christmas. You can find the board here full of lovely ideas.

    Rustic Christmas Wrapping and Decorating Ideas

    Last year I came up with some ideas on how to wrap presents in a vintage style, you can read that blog post here but my tastes have changed in the past year and although I'm a lover of vintage style still, I do love a more rustic look to my decorations and using foliage from the garden to create stunning displays like this:

    Rustic Christmas Wreath

    Something as simple as this is actually easy and cheap to re-create but is so effective.

    Wrapping your gifts need not be time-consuming or expensive either and can be made to look wonderful, with just brown paper, string and red berries:


    The most effective way of adding warmth, cosiness and a festive feel at home is to light candles, and these ideas couldn't be more simple or easy to create:


    Christmas Decorating with Candles

    Candles on the mantlepiece at Christmas

    Red berries and candles at Christmas


    I hope you find some inspiration for Christmas decorations and making your home festive, let me know how you get on!

    Rachel x

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  • 50 Things to do This Winter

    The chilly days are upon us and I expect I'm not the only one who is counting down the days until Christmas but winter is not just about the festivities but also about making the most of frosty days, log fires, having an excuse to eat cake and drink wine on dark evenings. Here's my list of 50 wonderful things to do this winter.


    50 things to do this winter by Tiddler & Fox

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  • Hello Autumn

    This has to be my favourite time of year, its a time to slow down a touch and prepare for winter, rejoice in the changing seasons and the changing colours. The air is fresher and seems full of life to me.

    Hello Autumn blog post by Tiddler & Fox

    I love the promise of chilly weather, lighting the fire and settling in for those long winter evenings. I find I'm more productive and happier to be on the sofa making something, writing a newsletter or whatever needs doing each day without the pressure to be off somewhere as I do on summer evenings.

    I still walk as much as possible, I walk all year round and prefer it in the colder months as I don't get as hot and sweaty! Much more pleasurable.

    For me, its a time to get the crockpot out and try a few new recipes, I just love the smells radiating around the house all day. The simple pleasure of looking forward to a healthy and hearty meal that has taken little effort but after 8 hours of cooking tastes amazing.

    I've added a few new autumnal recipes to my Pinterest Autumn board to try, let me know if you try anything new this season, as I'm always looking for new and exciting things to eat.

    Autumn Recipes

    Now is the time to read all those books and magazines that have been piling up and catch up on blog posts that I haven't had time to read.

    This is also a busy time for retailers and I'm busy behind the scenes preparing for Christmas but making sure I slow down for a bit before the rush begins!

    There is one thing that make autumn just the best time of year though....no more flies or midges!!

    Let me know what you love about autumn and if you look forward to winter. Until next time x


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