Happy Easter, a Spring Sale and New Products in the Tiddler & Fox Shop!

Happy Easter from tiddlerandfox.com


So here we are, it's Easter already. Ever since my school days, for me, Easter marked the start of spring and good weather to follow and, lucky for me, it falls close to and sometimes on, my birthday...bonus!

It can be a strange time of year weather wise too, I can remember Easter Sunday being 25 degrees and sunny and running around the garden with our cousins having water fights but also one year, a whole heap of snow fell!

But what does Easter signify, for me it's the re-birth of nature, the coming of sunshine and spending time outdoors after our long and dark British winters. That has definitely been the case today, it is simply stunning here in Somerset and I've managed to spend hours outdoors today. The cats love it when we join them in the garden and they end up running around like loons and playing.

So what does Easter mean to you? Let me know in the comments.

I also find it is a time to spend with family, with great food, plenty of chocolate and some wine thrown in there too and I'm looking forward to making some Easter cupcakes for the family to enjoy on Easter Sunday. I found some fantastic baking inspiration on the huge time-waster that is Pinterest, and how to turn a humble cupcake into an Easter Bunny! (or as my 4 year old nephew Frank prefers to call it, the Easter Rabbit!) I'll share my creations on my Facebook and Twitter pages so let me know what you think (cue baking disaster...) What are your Easter celebrations?

Hop on over (pun intended) to my Pinterest page for lots of great ideas for decorations and food for this weekend. So many great ideas all in one place, I do love seeing all the amazingly creative ideas from around the world.

I'll be adding some spring inspired new products to the website this weekend, (here's a sneak peak!) let me know what you think and if you'd like to see other colours too.

New Spring Inspired Products on tiddlerandfox.com

Last but hopefully not least, for this weekend only (Saturday to Monday) a Spring Sale! 20% off all wool throws, baskets and candles. How can you resist!? 

I wish you all a very Happy Easter!


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