A Journey of Discovery Otherwise Known as Gardening

So Spring has arrived in Somerset, with a few momentous April showers thrown in for good measure, it's definitely feeling warmer and more inviting outside. We have finally got round to digging our new veg patch, it's just been too cold and wet up until now and the broad bean plants are ready to go in the ground. I had planned to get them in today (as the sun is actually shining) but after yesterdays rain; just too wet to play!

Broad Bean Plants in the Tiddler and Fox Garden     New veg patch in the Tiddler and Fox garden

So they are patiently waiting to be planted into their new home. And before you ask, yes there are quite a few plants here, thanks to my expert gardener Dad. As the other half pointed out 'I don't like broad beans that much!' Likely to be giving some away I think - that is if they grow at all!

It's an exciting time of year and this being my first attempt at a veg patch, it will be an interesting journey of discovery too. I've always been keen to have a nice garden having grown up with uber keen gardeners for parents but found my own love of gardening about 15 years ago. But life gets in the way and you find other things take priority over planting and tending to your patch.

But then when we moved into our house a couple of years ago I had the chance to revive that love. The garden had been neglected for years (it's a rental property, so hardly surprising the garden was left to it's own devices) and I spent many many hours clearing it, planting, sowing grass, tidying and trying to make it a nice place to be. If I had a pile of cash and a lot more time on my hands it would look a lot different. Well, I like to think it would look like something out of Chelsea Flower Show but I'm not that good - or dedicated!

But ours is still a nice garden. Constantly being added to, but we enjoy being out there and the cats love it too. Spot the kittens in our garden enjoying today's sun:

The Tiddler and Fox Garden

There is something very satisfying about gardening don't you think? That process of planting and watching something grow, be transformed and knowing that it was your hard work that produced that lovely veg or beautiful flower.

And that is also how I feel about my business. The hard work, the 24/7 thinking about the business, tweeting, taking photos, trying to be creative all the time (almost impossible) but I know that as it grows and flourishes, the fruits of my labours will be plain to see and I'll have the same sense of satisfaction of having grown a successful enterprise.

So I continue on my journey of discovery and make sure that there is always plenty of coffee to keep me going!

And kittens to keep me company in the office as well as rushing about the garden.

Teasel enjoying the sunshine in the Tiddler and Fox garden

I did a bit of reading about gardening having been thinking about how positive it makes me feel and came across a few interesting facts. According to the Horticultural Trades Association, in the UK we spend about £5 billion on products and plants for our 22 million domestic gardens, with the over 40's spending twice as much as younger people. (yep thats me!) 

If you placed all those gardens together, they would be roughly the same size as Somerset. And if that wasn't enough random facts, all the compost bought each year in the UK would fill the Olympic stadium!

In terms of the health benefits of gardening there have been many studies worldwide and a general consensus seems to be that not only is it a good overall workout but it can improve mental health and well being with gardeners less likely to develop dementia and they experience a higher sense of self esteem. Bonus! Right better get those gloves on...or maybe a cup of coffee first...?!

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