How to Add a Vintage Vibe to Your Home on a Budget

If you love the vintage look, shabby chic, retro, or whatever you wish to call it but just don't have the budget to transform your home or buy that amazing vintage light fitting you've been coveting for weeks, then here are a few ideas to help you bring that vibe into your home on a (very tight) budget.

I live in a rented cottage so know that you can't always make loads of changes to your space that is invasive but you can add those homely touches without spending a fortune. Over the years I have gathered lots of items that have meaning for me and that's where I would start when trying to create a look.

First, have things around you that you love or are useful to you, that way you will never fall out of love with a look. 

I also spend a lot of time trawling charity shops, flea markets, vintage fairs, car boot sales, auctions and other craft markets for bargains. It's great to be able to find something in a charity shop you love, not only will it bring you joy but you have the added bonus of giving something back too.

Repurposing things you already have with a lick of paint, or fabric can bring new life and a vintage feel to furniture. Have a look around your home or in the attic and see if there is anything that can be upcycled if you have the time to do it.

Simple displays of picture frames, painted or unpainted in varying sizes, or used to display a scrap of vintage fabric look great, or mismatched pretty china, displayed on a shelf can really catch the eye. None of which will cost you much and the beauty is that nothing needs to match to create the vintage look, in fact it's better if it doesn't! So you can have fun picking up bits here and there knowing that it will create a cohesive look regardless of size or colour or condition.

Bring out granny's tea set or any heirlooms and get them on display, don't hide them away.

Charity shops are also great for picking up wool jumpers at low prices, use these or old scarves to make cushion covers or sewn together to create a truly unique quilt or throw or even a hot water bottle cover.

Group like items together for a simple but cheap display such as old bottles, vintage jugs, glasses or even wooden trays in different sizes. I have a collection of antique bottles found in the garden which stand on my fridge along with other vintage items and I love having them there.

Seasonal and simple flower displays always add a homely touch to a house and don't need to cost much. Buy varieties that will last a week to make your budget go further and don't feel you have to buy them every week, keep it a treat.

Try adding single blooms to old glass bottles or even group all your vases together with a few blooms in each for an unusual display, allowing each flower to really make a statement.

Anything you have several of, grouped together in odd numbers can make effective displays too, shell, ornaments, photos, books etc. As in the collage of photos above, I have collections grouped by colour too.

If you have found some vintage jewellery at a car boot, hang it up so it's on show, its a good way to remind yourself what you actually have too!

There are so many ideas, ways and possibilities to add that vintage vibe to your home and these are just a few ideas so I would love to know what other ideas and projects you might think of, please let me know in the comments.

So, ultimately, have what you love around you, buy things you really like not because it might 'go' with what you have already and enjoy the process of collecting it all, you never know what you might find at that car boot on Sunday!

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