5 Ways to Create a Vintage Style Christmas

Last week I talked about simple but effective ways to wrap Christmas presents and mentioned that I usually end up doing the same thing each year, well its true of my decorations too! I've had the same ones for a long time, which is no bad thing as they have become my traditions and I add to the collection each year.

I am very traditional in going for gold and red but I thought I would explore ideas for how to create a vintage style Christmas with different styles of decorations. 

5 Ways to Create a Vintage Style Christmas

1. Vintage ornaments

I think this style can be described as quite kitsch now but back in the 1970's and 80's when we all had these sort of decorations - my mum still uses some from when we were kids - everyone's decorations and trees looked the same. I love the colours and fun of this style, it's very eclectic and would work in both modern and more traditional homes, this is the sort of thing I mean: 


Vintage Christmas Decorations


Vintage kitsch christmas decorations


2. White Christmas 

I love this style of Christmas decoration, all those lovely mercury glass baubles and it's one of those styles that again, can look great with modern or traditional style homes and if, like me, you are a fan of shabby chic then its a perfect look.

Very simple but lovely looking with candlelight, you can pile up the ornaments, candle holders, jars etc and it will not look over the top. I think this image sums up what I mean perfectly:

Mercury glass mantlepiece for a white christmas


3. Victorian

If I had the courage I would go the whole hog this year and go back in time to the Victorian age! Each year I buy an advent calendar and it has to be in this style and I love it.

Something about the traditional images just speaks to my soul, not sure what that means but this might be the way to go next year when I'm more organised!

There is a wealth of images on Pinterest that you can use and print off for gift tags, menu backgrounds, hand made cards etc but here's a few other ideas of the sort of things you can make:


Victorian Images Decoration


I just adore these old fashioned Christmas Greetings cards which could be used in all sorts of creative ways:

Victorian Christmas Card image


4. Country Rustic Style

If there's more of one style on Pinterest when it comes to Christmas ideas, then it's this one! So many ideas but they are all simple and effective, easy to make and cheap too.

Going for this style means you can use things you already have around the house, baskets, jars, bottles, jugs etc plus a pile of greenery from the garden or hedgerows, pine cones, some red ribbon and you're done!

Country Style Rustic Christmas Decorations


Simple Country Style Christmas


5. Traditional Style

And we are back to my favourite and long standing way of Christmas decorating! You can't go wrong with the traditional colours of red and gold on a green tree. These type of decorations are so popular and you can collect them pretty much anywhere and they won't cost you much, they all go together and look fabulous piled on the tree. Just how inviting does this room look?! 


Traditional Christmas Decorations


This style also influenced my designs for my Tiddler & Fox heart decorations too with deep red and gold:

Tiddler & Fox hand painted heart Christmas decorations



If you would like more inspiration try my Pinterest Board Vintage Christmas. You'll also find other boards dedicated to Christmas wrapping, food and drink and handmade gifts too.

So what's your favourite style of Christmas decoration? Let me know in the comments and I won't be offended if it's not red and gold!

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