I didn't expect that!

Announcing that www.tiddlerandfox.com is open

Two years ago I didn't expect to be launching an online shop selling hand painted furniture, jewellery and beautifully hand made accessories and working with my gorgeous cousin too!

What happened? I went self employed after many years in HR, and went into renovating property. That didn't go quite the way I had hoped, so plan B kicked in. I went back to temping and wondered what to do next, drank huge amounts of coffee (and wine!) and thought about how to create a life I want to live. Taking things back to basics and what is really important in life. 

Despite my disappointments in myself, I was determined to build a hand-made business. I spent my childhood sticking, cutting, painting and sewing and wanted to make more of my hobbies and lets face it, my true love of just creating and being surrounded by beads and fabric.

I’ve been making jewellery for many years too but only discovered hand painted furniture fairly recently, which means I’m still learning myself, but its an exciting journey. And then talking to my cousin (who didn't expect this either!) we decided that she should join me on this journey, being a highly skilled sewer and crafter too…and …da da da…Tiddler & Fox the hand made business was born! I can’t tell you how great it was to share this photo on social media this weekend when we launched!

Its exciting and scary and a crazy steep learning curve but I’m hoping you will join us on this journey and love what we make, create and talk about (our cats, coffee, shoes, random stuff, getting overly excited about fabric) and I’ll try to be a useful source of information, tips, funny quotes and I'll try not to include too many cat photos, as well as trying to bring a little bit of sunshine into your hand made world.

Thanks for joining us


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