Autumn's Simple Pleasures - Things to do This season

Autumn's Simple Pleasures - Things to do This season. We have been so lucky this past couple of weeks, I actually can't remember when it last rained here in Somerset and I've been able to enjoy my morning walks without fear of getting wet and the sunrises have been incredible each and every day, it really has been an amazing start to Autumn!

Autumns Simple Pleasures, things to do this season by Tiddler & Fox

I'm so lucky living where I do and having a stunning garden to boot is a real pleasure even at this time of year. Being able to sit outside with a coffee on cold or frosty autumn mornings is one of life's simple pleasures for me.

So what does autumn mean for you? I've had so many conversations lately about it being a new beginning and a time that people love for lots of different reasons but each season really does bring it's unique pleasures and here are a few ideas of simple pleasures that you can incorporate daily for a really special season.

Play in the fallen leaves - children optional

Drink extra special hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and make the most of seasonal drinks on offer at your favourite coffee shop

Dig out those cosy jumpers and get wrapped up and go for a nice long walk - make it easier to get out by having a treat ready when you get home as a 'reward' for the exercise. Make it something you don't have very often but something you'll look forward to the whole way!

Appreciate the outdoors without getting horribly sweaty....not just me then?!

Get the fire going (if you have one) or light those lovely scented candles you've bought from that lovely website

Scented Christmas Candles by Tiddler & Fox

Break out the DVD's or decide which box set you'll start watching on Netflix now the nights are drawing in. 

Collect conkers - again, children optional...

Get those cuddly blankets out of storage and get them cleaned if you need to but pile them up on the sofa for cosy movie nights and make your home super cosy. Need lovely soft new throws? Click here.

If you are crafty, look for new projects you can work on in the evenings. You might try your hand at some handmade Christmas gifts or simply something for the home. The ultimate time-waster that is Pinterest is a fabulous place for inspiration for all things craft and handmade.

Plan your Bonfire Night/Halloween/Christmas celebrations to take away any stress related with last minute plans. Five minutes here and there to think about Christmas in particular will be time well spent.

Any books you've been meaning to read? Nows the time to enjoy them.

100% merino wool throws by Tiddler & Fox

Try lots of new recipes that are perfect for all the lovely autumn seasonal veg. These are usually great value and can make meals go a long way for not a lot of cash. Super tasty soups and casseroles are perfect for this time of year and are great for feeding families. I love to get the slow cooker (crockpot) out and make my favourite beef stew amongst other recipes. The smell that fills the house all day is divine. (Recipe coming in next weeks blog post - stay tuned!)

Have a bonfire with all the garden rubbish and fallen leaves. 

Start a journal - this is one of the easiest and simplest way to appreciate the day to day and focusing on the things you have. Great also for goal setting and making plans and for keeping on track with them. Watch your positivity grow!

Simply enjoy the colours, scents and magic of this time of year.

Let me know if there is anything you love doing in autumn and things you look forward to at this time of year. Need a little more inspiration? Find my Pinterest board for Autumn here

Until next time...x 

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