My Journey of Discovery Otherwise Known as Gardening Part 2....

Back in mid April I talked about my renewed love of gardening having moved into a rental house a couple of years ago with a fabulous garden but one that had been left to its own devices for years and needed a lot of tlc.

After months of weeding, sowing grass etc it looked ok and we have been adding to it ever since. One thing that I was very happy about though was the little greenhouse that sat happily in the garden. After a good clean, it's been a great place to grow peppers and tomatoes these past two summers. I love home grown toms and I don't know about you but the smell of the vine really is the smell of summer.

My Journey of Discovery Otherwise Known as Gardening Part 2

So this year I decided that the garden needed a veg patch which we dug in April and in went broad bean plants, followed by peas and beetroot. Well, actually the beetroot went into the new grasses border as there wasn't room in the veg patch! They are growing so they must be happy there.

Today, on a dryish day for the first time in about 10 days, I've been tending to the veg, weeding and renewing the marigolds (planted to deter greenfly...thanks dad!), putting down more slug pellets and staking the beans a bit better. All this rain has been brilliant for growth but bashes the plants completely and they needed a bit of support. I have to admit that it's not the prettiest staking ever but should do the job and amazingly, as you can see in the photos, there are beans aplenty! Can't wait to scoff them!

Broad Beans in the Tiddler & Fox Garden

The greenhouse has also had some attention today, again taking off leaves on the tomato plants in order to let in light and also stops the plant putting too much energy into unproductive leaves rather than the fruit and they also needed to be supported a bit better too. You also need to pluck out the suckers that grow between branches as they too take energy away from the main plant.

Tomatoes in the Tiddler & Fox Greenhouse

The pepper plants are looking pretty good this year, better than last year. I have two varieties in there, one bell pepper, the type we buy in the supermarket and also a miniature pepper just for something different, which should be much sweeter and are also orange in colour.

The cats love it when we are outdoors with them, but being the curious kittens they are, can sometimes get in the way and get a bit too close to the slug pellets so I have placed them under plant pots resting on the slugs can get them but the cats can't.

Bailey got so excited this afternoon, she shot up a tree, only to then get stuck and took a good half hour to make her way down, the final seven feet or so only managed because I got her down...I know...ridiculous animal! How many cats do you know that are not good with heights!? I only know one...

Anyway, I've also spent some time looking for some lovely recipes for broad beans, peas and beetroot and found some great salad recipes on our trusted friend Pinterest. If you would like some inspiration for summer recipes and not just ones that contain broad beans, then hop over to my Pinterest board 'Summer Recipes', find it here:

Hopefully, I can show you the bean, pea, tomato, pepper and beetroot harvest in a few weeks time and the yummy recipes I've used it all in.

Peas in the Tiddler & Fox Garden

I'm loving this journey and the promise of home grown veg to come, with the satisfaction that I grew them and they are totally organic too. Last year we had a good crop of toms and peppers but I have a feeling this year will be better. With each year I'm learning more and know how to look after the plants a little bit better. The best things in life really are the simplest aren't they?

Until next time...

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