My Journey of Discovery Otherwise Known as Gardening - Part 3

I realise it's been a while since I talked about my gardening journey, specifically the veg I've been growing, so I thought a little update wouldn't go amiss. So, the broad bean plants are no more. They got annihilated by the slugs on one rainy day so had to be pulled. To be fair, we had all the beans we were likely to get off them anyway, which actually was a lot so I wasn't too bothered!

My Journey of Discovery Otherwise Known as Gardening Part 3 by Tiddler & Fox

The peas continue to produce plenty and it's such a treat to be able to go into the garden, pull a pod and scoff the contents there and then, they are so sweet and it's been lovely to have been able to show my two nephews, aged 5 and 6 where peas and beans come from and they love eating peas from the pod too. They are both very happy boys when given a task to do, so not long ago I had them diligently shelling beans and peas and we had silence for at least 15 minutes!

The next crop that is a bit exciting and is probably my favourite are the tomatoes. They have finally ripened! After last weeks heat and sunshine here in Somerset, they are coming on nicely. We had the first of the crop last night, roasted with salmon and they tasted amazing. So much more flavour than shop bought toms and so fresh when you can walk into the garden and just pick them straight from the vine. There is a lot of fruit on the plants so we should be picking toms right into October at this rate. 

The peppers are coming on really well too. This year has been the best crop I've had. Not sure if that's to do with me or just good quality plants!! I'm really looking forward to eating those. The ones I grew last year tasted out of this world, they weren't very big but what they lacked for in size they more than made up for in taste. And I've tried a new variety this year which are the miniature peppers. If they both go well, I will be growing those again as believe me, it's easy!!

The rest of the garden needs a little bit of attention. Its a funny time of year July as the best of the flowers, roses etc go over and you are left with a garden looking a bit 'blousy' so I should get and tidy.

I did notice these beautiful blooms as I was outside earlier, no idea what this plant is but it does well every year and produces these gorgeous flowers so I just let it get on with it!

I do sometimes have help from my expert gardener mother but she's been on holiday so has her own garden to tidy (all one acre of it!) so I'm waiting patiently (not that patiently...!) for her to come and help me with the front garden.

I'll have to bribe her with lunch or something...I have to admit my parents are brilliantly supportive and great at 'doing' stuff for me. This weekend saw me selling at the Glastonbury Brocante and Vintage Fair and they came along to help me set up and take down, which is asking a lot of my mum to be out of bed before 8am on a Sunday I can tell you!

Back to the you have any good recipes for tomatoes? I tend to be very simple about it, just roasted with some olive oil or a simple salad with balsamic and basil does it, nothing to take away the taste of home grown toms. Let me know if I should be trying any new recipes, speaking of which I ought to start on this evenings meal! 

Until next time x


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