My latest Vintage Up-Cycle plus a Few Painting Tips

My latest vintage up-cycle plus a few painting tips. I thought this week that I would share my latest up-cycled piece of furniture with you rather than yet more of my ramblings, so here it is, a lovely chest of drawers. They will be for sale on the website this week!

Upcycled Chest of Drawers by Tiddler & Fox

I bought these at auction a while ago and it took me ages to get round to painting them. Sometimes I find that it takes me some time to decide what I'm going to do with a vintage piece, they tend to 'speak' to you and they demand to be painted a certain colour or have a certain finish. Sounds strange but it's true!

My Latest Vintage Epicycle Plus a Few Painting Tips by Tiddler & Fox

So for this piece, I was really happy with the condition of the top but did a really good sanding to take off the old varnish and a few stains that were present. I use a handheld sander which is actually a multi tool and I bought the sander attachment. It's the Black & Decker MultiEvo and is a great weight for me and extremely easy to use. The sanding attachment cost about £27 online.

Once the top was sanded I wiped it down and then did a light sanding over the rest of the piece. I use wire wool for this as I find it doesn't leave the marks that sandpaper can - plus I am a bit ham-fisted so I can achieve a much better finish this way.

Again, a good wipe down and a really good brushing to remove all the fluffy dust and dirt both inside and out and it was ready to go! 

Good tip - I used a painters masking tape (Frog Tape) to mask off around the edges of the piece and also once the drawers were out, I masked inside too to get a really clean edge. There is no 'bleed' through on edges, they come out nice and crisp!

UpCycled Chest of Drawers, Inside by Tiddler & Fox

The chest took two coats of Autentico Paris White Vintage Chalkpaint, which is a creamy white colour. It was a warm day and I found that the second coat was drying really quickly so I had to work extra fast to get the finish I wanted.

Good tip - Between coats, wrap your brushes in cling film to stop them drying out and means you don't have to keep washing brushes, just leave until you are completely finished. I do the same with my wax brushes and never bother to wash them at all, just wrap well in cling film.

Once that was dry (I also painted the handles the same colour), I did a good coat of Autentico Clear Furniture Wax. Once this had gone off, which was about half an hour later, I was able to buff it to a nice shine. Just use an old rag for this.

Upcycled Chest of Drawers, handles by Tiddler & Fox

Good tip - Using a damp rag, I rubbed the paint off the handles where there was a nice pattern and I wanted the copper finish to show through. You can use this technique on raised picture frames to show off gilding underneath a painted finish. Very simple but effective.

Once that was done I removed the Frog Tape from around the top and gave the sanded top a coat of Polyvine Wax Finish Dead Flat Finish Varnish. It's a really easy to use varnish that you can 'feather' in so there are no brush marks and it gives the top a lovely soft 'waxed' look, just right for a vintage piece of furniture.

Hand painted chest of drawers by Tiddler & Fox

I must apologise now for the distinct lack of 'before' photos! I am very impatient and once I've decided to paint something I can't wait to get going and taking photos simply goes out the window! I must try harder.... is my next project to be painted! See, I do try...more on that one to follow. Let me know what colour you think this one wants to be painted, I'm thinking a darker colour this time, what do you think?

Vintage Chest of Drawers by Tiddler & Fox

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