Goodbye Summer And Hello Autumn

I've just seen a post by a friend on Facebook saying goodbye to the last bank holiday of the year and hello Christmas. Well, I've already been guilty of talking about Christmas this year and it's very much on my mind as I'm in the planning stages now, but this week definitely does herald a change. Not only in the fact that kids go back to school but that autumn is just around the corner and a whole new season is about to start.

GoodBye Summer and Hello Autumn by Tiddler & Fox

Retailers are already advertising and stocking their autumn winter ranges and although its about 24 degrees here I'm looking forward to getting the boots and jumpers out again and lighting the fire. Good excuse to stay in and drink wine too....!

So I thought I would have a little look back over the summer (what we've had so far, you never know, it might have some mileage in it yet!) and all the things I've been up to. It's easy to forget the good stuff when you are looking forward all the time, which I tend to do, in a very positive way; I'm always moving forward. And I thought I would share a few photos taken today in the garden, I wanted to make the most of the flowers that are still going strong and the sedum which is now in coming into flower and being appreciated by the bees. 

So, I've met some amazing customers and fellow traders after 11 craft fairs, markets and family events attended since the start of June (plenty more to go, see this page for a full list) and I always come away having learnt so much from those around me, what products to stock, how much better I could be at selling, how we should be erecting the gazebo....and the list goes on.

There has been auctions and networking meetings, coffee with friends, family and friends to dinner and lunch, friends to stay and children running round the garden. A fab spa day with a friend (so good!), dinners out, a lot of early morning walks in the all the lovely sunshine we've had. A trip to Cornwall, a beer festival and a trip to Fleet Air Arm Museum. Phew!  

When you look back you realise just how much you have done, when it is easy to think that actually you've done nothing and been nowhere...simply not true!

And looking forward? Well, we have a few days away with family to Devon in September, so a dry spell then would be great as it means my nephews will be happy pottering on the beach. More fairs and markets, with a break in October so I can be fully prepared for Christmas (there's that word again!), more networking and auctions to go to, furniture to paint and I'm moving into a new Emporium too - details to follow!

But the best thing about the change from summer to autumn is being able to get cosy at home. Appreciating the comforts of home and family, having a comfortable space full of people and things we love, a roaring log fire to warm up by and hot drinks and lovely comforting dishes to eat. I love getting out my wintery recipes and having stews and casseroles made in the slow cooker, yummy roasts, lots of winter veg, hot chocolate, Baileys coffee, I'm already feeling hungry but now I'm starving!

I hope its not just me that loves the simple things in life and gets a great deal of joy and satisfaction from being able to provide lovely meals for family and providing a safe and cosy home too. 

Autumn also brings with it harvest festival, Halloween and Bonfire Night, all great celebrations and time for family to come together to share food and drink. Really looking forward to making a 'Bonfire Cake' this year for my nephews and I always have a go at carving a pumpkin for them too. Thanks to Pinterest there are always great ideas for that. I will share my creations with you, just don't laugh! 

So what are you looking forward to most this autumn, let me know in the comments.

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