Tiddler & Fox in The Mollys Den Shopping Emporiums

I popped down to The Customs House in West Bay today, as I do each week to add new products to my selling area, have a good tidy and clean and make sure it all looks as lovely as I would like.

Tiddler & Fox in the Mollys Den Shopping Emporiums

I recently spent some time with a new friend who is an expert in merchandising and display and she has worked wonders on my display for fairs and markets and I have been really inspired by her work and her input into mine. (check out Ingrid's amazing homewares and jewellery here: www.ingterior.com)

So I am hoping that this will start to translate to my display in the emporium! I have made some changes; zoning colours, trying to make the display clearer and more obvious and hopefully it looks appealing to my customers, well that is the general idea isn't it?!

You'll have to let me know what you think from the photos below.


Customs House Shopping Emporium in West Bay by Tiddler & Fox


I do love being a trader in this emporium, it has such a great atmosphere and is very welcoming and has great staff running it, I feel very comfortable leaving it all in their hands when I come away each week, which for a control freak like me is quite a big deal! Control being my biggest driver for going into business for myself but also, I recognise, my biggest weakness, but I'm working on it, just don't expect Luke (my other half) to agree with you!


Customs House Emporium in West Bay by Tiddler & Fox


I do have some exciting news too, I will be a trader in the new Molly's Den Emporium that will be opening in Salisbury soon!

I will keep you posted on when it will be open, but expect the usual mix of fabulous vintage and shabby chic, retro, handmade and local crafts and general loveliness. There will also be a great new cafe and children's play area within the emporium which will make it a fab venue to shop and meet friends.

I'm hoping that the good people of Salisbury will love the emporium and will make it a great place to shop. It is all part of my journey to a profitable business and I'm looking forward to that new challenge and trying to fit in being there once a week, which means being a tad more organised than I am now!

It will be a great excuse to get to know Salisbury better which is a beautiful place to visit and I'm also enjoying being at the Guildhall Craft fairs there too, even if I do get lost every time I drive there! I blame the sat nav but we all know it's just me....


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