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    I'm not usually one to bang on about the things I get up to (mainly because its not much!) but having just been on holiday with my family, I thought I would do a quick post on the wonderful week we had on Tresco, in the Isles of Scilly. 


    My Summer Holidays blog post by Tiddler & Fox


    It's one of those places that although its only 25 miles or so off the coast of Cornwall, it is easy to feel that you are a million miles away. What with the interesting journey to get there (car, plane, minibus, jet boat, mini van) it feels as if you have travelled halfway around the world so it's no surprise that when you arrive you feel that you definitely made a switch from real life to somewhere otherworldly. Yes the water really is that colour #nofilter.


    Tresco Island


    As a family we have been many times as my parents own a time share on the island and have done for about 15 years, so its a place we know and love and it never fails to get us to relax and enjoy just 'being'.

    My nephews have only been once before but they love being outdoors and there is no better place for small boys with boundless energy, to be. The beaches are sublime, very clean and allow for games, swimming and lots of treasure hunting (half a ton of sea glass and shells later...). Throw in a morning's kayaking, visiting the Abbey gardens, lots of walking, chatting and reading and we were very content.



    On an island that is 2.5 miles long by 1 mile wide, there is obviously not going to be lots of shopping, but worth a look is the gallery and Lucy Tania gift shop, or places to eat and be entertained....but that is the point. It's a return to a simple existence where, to be honest for the Goymer family, we spend most of our time trying to decide what to do in-between meals!

    We love the quiet pace of the island and the dark starry skies at night, the walking and the great food to be had in the Ruin Beach Cafe and the New Inn pub, both of which we ate at throughout the week plus homemade meals at the cottage. Plenty of wine and beer and we are happy bunnies.


    So, if you are tempted to go, the best place to find all the information you will need is on the Tresco Island Estate website. You'll find out how to get there, where to stay and eat and all the things that there are to do on the island. Plus how to get to the other beautiful islands if you fancy a day trip to explore.

    Bryher has the wonderful Hell Bay Hotel which serves some of the best crab sandwiches you'll ever taste, for starters, plus they have their own gin!

    But for now I'll leave you with more photos of our stay...with a caveat attached that without a doubt we had the best weather we have ever had there with wall to wall sunshine all week - but thats rare!

    Tresco Island




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