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  • Home Updates for Spring

    Inspiration for your home this spring

    I don't know about you, but I'm not a massive follower of trends but I have to say the new 'bring the outdoors in' home trend is really exciting me this month. Here's what I love about it:

    Warm neutrals tones and soft whites are so uplifting yet calming

    Its really easy to update just one or two things

    It feels sooooo much more chic!

    How to use this trend

    Style a shelf with these neutral grey and white plant pots, giving your greenery a very pretty 'home'


    Add interest to a dark corner with naturally scented candle tins


    Add natural wood storage to your kitchen counter tops


    What do you think of the trend to add more natural elements to your home?

    Let me know in the comments.



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  • I recently did a presentation to ladies of a lovely networking group that I belong to about interiors trends for 2017 and how they can be used within our respective businesses, how we can tap into them for marketing purposes and so on. And I thought that I could bring some of that information to you, albeit, this time, how you can take those trends and apply them to your interior decorating. 

    Interiors trends for 2017 and how you can use them in your home by Tiddler & Fox

    For lovers of vintage and handmade, we can still tap into trends each year without sacrificing our love of second hand and traditional, just by taking some popular colours and finding those unique vintage finds in those colours for example.

    So what can we expect this year? Well the colour of the moment is pink - Spring is a time for freshness and brightness and this season pink has taken centre stage. You can use this in soft furnishings without having the commitment to a colour that may well not be your choice in a couple of months time. The following image from Mad About The House shows how you could bring a subtle shade of pink into your home without it looking too girly or sugary.

    Interiors Trends for 2017 - Pink for Spring

    You may be aware of the colour guru Pantone and the fact that they set a colour for each year and for 2017 their choice is 'Greenery'; a bright, fresh green that can just as easily be brought into your interior schemes by adding plants as much as by adding a paint colour. Botanicals are also huge this year and I've just taken that to mean that we all just love plants and want more of them in our homes! 

    Interiors Trends for 2017, gold green and blue with lots of plants


    For summer, colours such as yellow, aqua and teal will take centre stage - great for clothes, we all love a bit of bright dressing when the sun is out or we are on our summer holiday.

    This image from Dear Designer blog may not be to everyones taste but does show how you can bring these colours together for a cohesive look in your home.


    Summer Interior Trends for 2017


    Once we get into autumn and winter this will change to the usual sort of hues of plum and orange, deep greens and blues and other natural colours. Perfect for making your home feel cosy and warm. This image from Sainsbury's Home gives a good idea of how you could use these hues for impact. Just add a roaring log fire and candles - very hygge!


    Winter Interiors Ideas 2017


    Overall, for 2017, gold, green and blue will be everywhere in interiors.

    In terms of themes for this year, there are a few worth mentioning. First the 'Boutique Hotel' look, essentially lots of lovely velvet, shiny surfaces, mirrors and gold, such as this image by homedecorideas.eu.


    Boutique Hotel Interiors Look for 2017

    Next, 'Nomadic' which is east meets west and pretty much anything goes, a great eclectic look that means you can mix old and new with ease. If you don't want to change too much, just add a few throws and cushions and you're done! Theculturetrip.com shows this well I think with the wall hangings and soft furnishings especially.


    East Meets West Nomadic Interiors Trend 2017


    'Unfinished Industrial' is a more modern look this year which favours concrete as a material for furniture. Perhaps just concrete plant pots either side of the front door would fit the bill nicely without sacrificing comfort!?

    And lastly, 'Rustic Charm' which is lots of wood and botanicals. Great for me, I've got plenty of wood and lots of plants! Sorted.  I liked this image by the urbanite.com showing a fabulous piece of furniture, great for storage but simple and rustic too.


    Rustic Charm Interiors Trend 2017


    For plenty of inspiration, I've put together an Interiors Trends 2017 board in Pinterest (here) to give you plenty of ideas of how to bring these ideas to life. I could search Pinterest for hours looking for ideas on interiors (and I do!) as its great for inspiring you to think slightly differently about how you can take up to date colours and ideas and use them within your own home scheme without having to do a complete makeover. I hope you find some inspiration here!


    Until next time x




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  • Last week I talked about Christmas, yes I know, sorry about that, but is it just me or does each year go by quicker? I guess I'm getting old as my parents often tell me that time speeds up the older you get. Which does make me think you really need to appreciate every single day as they whizz past you and that it never too early to be planning for events or holidays and celebrations and of course, back to school and the changing seasons.

    Ideas and Inspiration For New Season Home Organisation and Storage by Tiddler & Fox

    Even if, like me you don't have children, we are coming up to a time of the year where you start to think about getting organised as the seasons change. Priorities change and it's time to think less about how can I manage my day so I get out and get some sunshine and more about preparing for autumn and winter and all the lovely celebrations that come with them.

    I find that I want to organise and clean, a bit like I do in spring. It's a great time of year to have a sort out, take it all to the car boot and feel a bit lighter before we hunker down for cold weather.

    I recently went through my house and organised it according to Feng Shui principles too. I picked up a great book years ago and used the information to Feng Shui a previous property and had such success with that, I decided that our present home needed a bit of a change. The book is 'Feng Shui for Your Home' by Sarah Shurety, published in 1997. It's a good basic book for all things Feng Shui and I've found it easy to use and follow. Backed up by a bit of internet research this time, I've made changes to most rooms in the house. You can pick up the book very cheaply on Amazon. 

    And....well, each to their own but even if by simply making the changes that I have, I certainly feel better for having done it. So whether you believe in the art or not, that has to be a good thing hasn't it?! And as the practise is millennia old, there must be something in it.

    The major principle of Feng Shui is less clutter and lets face it, a less cluttered house definitely means a less cluttered mind and you feel more free in your space. I've had a good sort out, throwing away all the broken objects that were waiting to be taken to the tip (and had been for months), I've found a proper home for things left lying around (again, for months), I have used baskets to sort things like my fabric collections and the list goes on.  Naturally I've used baskets that are available here on Tiddler & Fox!

    But I've not just been tidying but adding things to particular spaces, again according to Feng Shui but also just changing things like pictures that were in the wrong place and now look much better hanging in a different room. I still have a couple of rooms to organise and love looking through Pinterest for ideas of how to be a bit more creative with storage.

    It's a good time of year to start thinking about new recipes to try in the autumn and winter too and how to get my home ready for winter. We have already had our first delivery of logs and had the log burner swept yesterday!

    I've put together some Pinterest boards specifically for organising, decorating on the cheap, back to school, eating well for less and added more pins to my boards 'Halloween', Vintage Christmas' and 'Handmade Christmas'.  All the things that are on my mind and I hope you find them useful too. You can find them all here.

    For good storage solutions and ideas for how to organise your home, check out online market places such as Etsy and notonthehighstreet.com for unusual and unique finds and help support small businesses, Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis are always good places to turn for quality and practicality in storage and homewares, as is Lakeland for great storage ideas (and lots of other things you never knew you needed!). And such a great time of year to check them out as many have their summer sales on now.

    For faux blooms for that last blush of summer, Jane Packer has released a new range for Sainsbury's and are very realistic and well priced. 

    I also love looking through the websites of Cox & Cox, Loaf, Oka (summer sale now on!), The Linen Works and also Labour and Wait, which is a great website for back to basic vintage style household items, clothing and homewares.

    Thinking about lighting, try Pooky for lamps and shades that are truly inspired and great value. And of course, if you are looking for beautiful throws and fab storage baskets then hop over to the shop pages of this website! 

    Don't forget great home mags such as House Beautiful and Country Homes & Interiors for brilliant interiors inspiration and decorating ideas.

    Happy Organising!

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