5 Ways to Enhance Each Day - The Power of Positive Thinking

Did you know it's Positive Thinking Day today? Well you do now! I try to live each and every day this way and hope that my positivity helps those around me and doesn't make me an insufferable bore, but I have been thinking about how we can all add a bit of positivity to each day in small and simple ways but steps that could have a big impact on our lives. 


I wasn't always this positive and have experienced long periods of my life that have been anything but and I can testify to the fact that it is hard to maintain a level of positivity each day when you are going through tough times. But there are ways to manage those less than great days. We have all seen those motivational quotes on Pinterest, Twitter etc (I post them all the time too, and here's one for you below!) and sometimes one or two will strike a chord with us and is something we can relate to.

Positive anything is better than negative nothing

But how long does that feeling of belonging or empathy last and does it really help us to be more positive in the long run? Personally I have found that failed fertility treatment, divorce, redundancy and endless moving house have all worked to quash any negativity in me as I was determined to not live my life being bitter or sad or endlessly crying. It was a long hard road to travel but I'm so pleased that all those things happened as it made me the person I am today. But those are not exactly the life experiences that I would advise for others if they are looking to be more positive!! ....So what am I suggesting?

Well, there are ways of injecting a little bit of positivity into each day in simple ways:

1.  Being grateful. Ideally write down each day what you are grateful for. I do this and it is a good reminder that life is pretty good actually. Doing this regularly will help you realise just what you DO have rather than focusing on the what you don't have.

2.  Don't sweat the small stuff. Easy to say as we all have different tolerance levels but taking a step back and asking yourself, if something really is that important. This will help you put things in perspective.

3.  Exercise and fresh air. Its a no-brainer, I don't need to explain how many studies show the positive effects of sunlight, fresh air and exercise to know that its good for you!

4.   Enjoy small successes. We often forget to celebrate small wins but why shouldn't we? It's not always about the big stuff like getting a new job but sometimes just the fact that we managed to get through the day without losing it!

5.   Be kind. That includes being kind to yourself and ignoring the negative self talk that most of us have rattling around in our heads. Being kind to others can be hugely beneficial to our wellbeing and can make a huge difference to your day as well as to that of others.

So give it a whirl, just small changes to the way we think each day, (plus gallons of coffee) can be all we need for a more positive life. Happy Day!

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