Tiddler & Fox in the new Mollys Den Salisbury

I wrote months ago about being in Mollys Den in West Bay, Dorset which has been great fun, and a huge learning curve too, so today I wanted to do a quick update on the new Den that opened last weekend in Salisbury, Wiltshire. 


Tiddler & Fox in the new Mollys Den Salisbury

Traders secured their spaces in the new Den back in the summer and after a period of time waiting for building works to be completed, we were able to get into the new warehouse to set up our spaces last week.

Lucky for me, Luke had some time off to help me take down the furniture on tuesday, so off we went in a convoy of two cars stuffed full of my hand painted vintage furniture.  It took us quite a while to get it all in and then get it covered up whilst the work on the building was still going on around us (that's retail for you, fast paced and right down to the wire!). Luke was then treated to a pub lunch as a thank you, lucky boy!

I then went back on the friday to finish off and take lots more lovely stock down with me including lots of new finds that I had hunted down recently, including vintage bottles, silver trays and enamel bowls.

I love the atmosphere that the Dens create, especially when they are busy and buzzing with traders. We don't often get to meet as it's up to us how often we go to replace stock, tidy our areas etc, so meeting our 'neighbours' is a rare occurrence.

However, as we were all there to finish off setting up, I got to meet my neighbours either side of me, and to have a good chat and exchange ideas. One thing I've been surprised about having gone into business, is just how supportive other people in business are. I guess we all know exactly what each other is talking about, we can share ideas and if we need to vent our frustration about something, we totally 'get' each other! 

I am very excited to be a part of the expansion that Mollys Den is going through at the moment, with mini Dens popping up too, all with cafe's and there are plans for new Dens in the new year. More about that in 2017 (I can't tell you much more than that as basically I don't know much more than that!!)

I love that vintage, handmade and artisan are all very much in vogue right now and have been for some time, I love re-using, re-purposing and loving items with a history, and so it seems do a lot more people in this world. not only do we get unique and one of a kind pieces in our home but we are doing our bit for the environment by re-using and recycling.

So here is my new space in Mollys Den, Salisbury, all ready and waiting for lots of lovely customers! Let me know what you think in the comments (This image was posted on Instagram and already I've had interest in the painting from a follower in Hawaii.....yes you read that right!)

Tiddler & Fox in Mollys Den Emporium Salisbury

Mollys Den, Salisbury can be found opposite the 6th Form College in Tollgate Road, Salisbury SP1 2JG.

For info on all the Dens, click here.

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