Welcome Autumn

As Autumn approaches I always find it is a good time to take stock and look back at the summer - this year we did actually have a summer so I'm finding it a good time to be thankful for the wonderful weather we had.

Welcome Autumn

I know it was silly-hot at times, but just to be able to wear one layer of clothing, eat outside every evening and most mornings too, to be able to plan outdoor events and not worry about it raining which is what we usually have to put up with, has been such a pleasure.

If it wants to be as lovely in summer 2019, then that's fine by me! 

I also find that this is a good time of year to look back over the year so far and look at what goals I have achieved, or not. It's been a strange year in many ways and as usual, time has flown by and I can't believe that it is September (nearly October now!) and I have my Christmas products delivered already and all my fairs booked in. (They will appear on the website soon!)

I'm looking forward to the festive season as I love it so much, but having someone new in my life means that I can enjoy it so much more. Being single is tough at Christmas as life is generally geared to couples and families and I find it's the only time that I mourn the fact that I never had children (not a choice btw). But this year will be different and I can enjoy Christmas markets and generally be festive without being the lonely singleton.

But first, the pleasure of autumn and the colder days and evenings in front of the log burner, wine and good food. My new man is a wiz in the kitchen and cooks the most amazing food, which as my family and friends are well aware, is most definitely the way to my heart! I'm looking forward to slow cooked meals and long evenings chatting over wine. Chatting isn't a chore either.....!

I've been adding lost of new ideas to my Pinterest boards for Autumn, Winter and of course, Christmas, you can find them here.

Long walks and snuggling with my kittens Bailey and Teasel is on the list of things to do to relax this autumn as is trying new restaurants I've wanted to eat in for ages. Just enjoying a drink in the pub by the fire will be something I can enjoy!

What's on your list of things to do this autumn? Let me know in the comments.

Rachel x


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