About Us

Tiddler & Fox is based in rural Somerset, owned and run by me, Rachel Goymer.


Where did the business name come from?

Well, I'm Tiddler, its the nick-name my dad gave me when I was two days old (I was a small baby) and he still calls me that, in fact if he calls me Rachel, I know I'm in trouble and I’m now 43 years old!

Tiddler & Fox came about back in 2012, when a good friend and I (she's the Fox) decided to set up in business after I decided to quit my HR career after some 15 years of corporate life. Sadly that business didn't get off the ground (I still have the ideas knocking about in the back of my brain somewhere - you never know, one day they might come out!) but I kept the name as I loved it so much and decided to turn my then hobby of painting vintage furniture and collecting vintage homewares, into a business.

Along with my love of vintage, second hand anything and trawling flea markets and Tiddler & Fox was born. I love the history and nostalgia that comes with vintage furniture and homewares; where did they live before I found them, who has used, enjoyed and loved them and who will their next owner be?

It's very tempting to keep it all but it's great to share my finds with the world. I source unique vintage pieces from all over the south of England plus I stock complimentary rustic and shabby chic style pieces of homeware and gifts such as beautifully scented candles made in Cornwall.


I was born in Somerset and after university, travelling and a decade of living in Reading, I returned to my roots 9 years ago and am now happily ensconced in a rural cottage with my two lovely cats and fabulous views on my morning walks. Tiddler & Fox HQ is a bedroom cum storeroom and office and the place where you are more than likely to find Bailey, one of my cats, asleep on my paperwork! 


You can now find Tiddler & Fox goodies in the fabulous new Somerset Trading Barn at Kimbers Farm Shop near Bruton. www.kimbersfarmshop.co.uk

Tiddler & Fox is also on Etsy, find the shop here